In October 1988 top business leaders throughout Birmingham organized Project Corporate Leadership. The program is designed for upwardly mobile managers and professionals. For 30 years, candidates have been nominated by their senior executives and selected by the PCL Board for placement. The seven-month PCL term is meant to be an eye-opening experience for our participants.

The goal of Project Corporate Leadership is to increase each participant's knowledge of themselves and others so they can capitalize on this new perspective as they become leaders of tomorrow. Participants improve their managerial effectiveness through enhanced workplace interaction, communication, and team building skills.

Another beneficial component of the PCL program is the incredible opportunity for networking. With over 800 PCL alumni, the doors of Birmingham are opened by contacts developed during the program.

For more information, click here to download our brochure. Click here for a short video of our 30th anniversary celebration.

PCL was a very unique opportunity for me, in that I am not directly employed in Corporate America. The PCL experience provided a gateway for me to enhance the professional side of my career. As a veteran educator, business etiquette, civic participation, and community partnerships are not included in our everyday focal points, but are indeed invaluable components to a successful education system. I am indeed grateful for having spent time in a year of personal development. The PCL experience allowed me to focus and consider details that were once not important to me. Not only has it enhanced my professional career, but also as a parent, colleague, and friend. — Theris Johnson

PCL was a fantastic experience. The program takes leaders from the business world and helps build them into leaders in the Birmingham community. The class material was fantastic, as was the experience networking and building relationships with the other PCL classmates. — Jill Moller

PCL was a phenomenal program full of "A-Ha moments." I was able to assess critical leadership skills and learn where I needed to grow as a leader. The program was highly practical and provided me with lessons that will last a lifetime. — Aleanna Morton-Young

One thing I can definitely say about my PCL experience is that it gave me more confidence in my ability to lead and network with others at all levels of our organization. Being the winning team leader with the PCL name behind it was a boost to my confidence. I learned a lot about myself and areas that I need to improve in professionally. PCL gave me the tools needed to excel as a manager. By far, the best leadership development class I've ever participated in. I made lots of friends and contacts that I know I can call on for help and guidance at anytime. I could go on and on but to sum it up -- great, great, great. The instructor was pretty good too. Just kidding. Thank you for the experience. — Marty Tubbs